«NАDCR – 2014»
The Second International Conference
(VIII All-Russian Conference)

The Chuvash State University holds on
20 - 21 November 2014 Second International (VIII All-Russian Conference) "New in architecture,
design construction and renovation
(NADCR - 2014)."


Conference Program
Includes the following

1. Architecture and Urbanism.
2. Improving analysis and design of building structures.
3. Improving the reliability, durability and design of the renovation of buildings and structures.
4. Technology, organization and economics of construction and renovation of buildings and structures.
5. Foundations for construction and renovation of buildings.
6. Energy- Resources- saving in construction.
7. Modern building materials.
8. Innovations in construction education

Conference Organizing Committee

Chairman: Oleg I. Markov - Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Chuvash Republic - Minister of Construction, Architecture and Housing and Communal Services of the Chuvash Republic;
Co-Chairman: Nikolai S. Sokolov, Dean of the Civil Engineering Faculty;
Members of the organizing committee:
Denis L. Kuzmin, Deputy dean of the Civil Engineering Faculty on research;
Vasily F. Bogdanov, Head of the Department of  Construction Industry and Economy of Construction;
Vyacheslav I. Tarasov, Head of the Department of Thermal Engineering and Hydraulics;
Larisa A. Sakmarova, Head the Department of Architecture;
Alexander G. Lukin, Associate Professor of the Department of Constructions;
Alexey N. Plotnikov, Head the Department of Constructions;


Scientific Committee of the Conference

Chairman: Alexey N. Plotnikov, Head of the Department of  Constructions of the Chuvash State University;
Members of the Scientific Committee:
Boris S. Sokolov, Head of the Department of Reinforced Concrete and Masonry Structures of the Kazan University of Architecture and Engineering,  Professor, corresponding member of  the Russian Academy of the Architecture and Construction Sciences (RAACS);
Vladimir T. Erofeev - Dean of the Faculty of Architecture and Construction of the Mordovia State University (NRU), Head of the Department of  Building Materials and Technologies, Professor, corresponding member of  the Russian Academy of the Architecture and Construction Sciences (RAACS);
Nikolay G. Golovin - Professor of Reinforced Concrete and Masonry Structures of the Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (NRU), Professor;
Vitaly G. Kotlov, Dean of Civil Engineering Faculty of theVolga State University of Technology, Honorary Professor of the International Association Building Universities;
Sergey V. Sergeyev, Head of the Department of Applied Geology and Mining of the Belgorod State University (NRU), Professor, Academician of the International Academy of Mineral Resources;
Yuri L. Vinnikov, professor of the Department of Oil, gas and geotechnics of the Poltava National Technical University (Ukraine);
Sergey I. Ivanov, Senior Researcher of the Laboratory number 2 NIIZhB them. A.A. Gvozdev of the SRC "Construction";
Alexander A. Isaev, Associate Professor of  Department of Architecture of the Chuvash State University, PhD. Architecture.


Venue: Civil Engineering Faculty
of the Chuvash State University.

Conference languages: Russian and English.

Participation in the conference

To participate in the conference you should the application  (form attached) to the Organizing Committee.
The articles are planned to be published.   Articles indexed in Russian Science Citation Index, and will be published on the site .    
Article and promotional materials should be submitted in Russian or English, printed in 1 interval, 14 pt font TimesNewRoman, of 3 to 10 full A4 pages in two copies, one of which is signed by the author (s ). Fields - right and left of 15 mm at the top and bottom - 20 mm. Indention 0.7 cm on the left. Width adjustment  Captions 12 pt. Numbered formulas that are referenced in the text. Print one-sided. When making a film should adhere to the following layout of the text: 

TITLE (capital letters)
N. Surname (lowercase)
Organization, city, country (lowercase)

< text of the article >

References (example):
Plotnikov A N  Computational model of grids and continuous floors  with a ratio of a rigidity on a reinforcement  on the basis of substituting  a beamssystem. / Concrete Floors and Slabs. Proceedings of the International Seminar held at the University of Dundee, Scotland, UK on 5-6 September 2002. University of Dundee, Scotland, UK. Thomas Telford. 2002.
At the end of the paper the title, abstract (up to 10 lines) and key words in English and Russian languages​​, information about the authors in Russian and English languages ​​(title, organization, email address).
The article should be sent to a file by e-mail with the text of the report in any version of Microsoft Word. The report is to be submitted as a single file with pagination, no hyphenation of words and font selections. Drawings and graphics in the "inset into the frame," Formula Editor «Microsoft Equation».

Applications for participation in the Conference and articles are accepted until October 4, 2014, inclusive. Material submitted to the Organizing Committee before the deadline will be included in a book of articles coming to the top of the Conference.

For publishing foreign participants must list the arrangement fee rate of 5 U.S. dollars per page article.
Bank account details for the transfer fee will be transferred to participants by e-mail.


Please pass this mail to other interested professionals

Thank you for your interest shown to the conference.


Contact numbers and addresses:

428015, Cheboksary, Moskovsky, 15, Civil Engineering Department

Contact Alexei Plotnikov

(8352) 62-45-96  Civil Engineering Faculty Dean's Office
(8352) 62 42 02  Department of constructions
(8352) 62 29 32  Department of Architecture


«NАDCR – 2014»
The Second International Conference
(VIII All-Russian Conference)


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